Monday, November 21, 2011

Beer Review: Storm King

Review of Storm King by Victory Brewing Company.
Score: 91

2011 vintage self-served in a tulip glass. Drinking this after a glass of Great Lakes' "Blackout Stout," so I guess I am in a Russian Imperial Stout mood tonight.

Appearance: Black as night, though some light penetrates the outline of the beer. The beer pours a 1.5 finger creamy head. 4/5

Aroma: Very subtle licorice and red wine nose. Sweet chocolate, and perhaps a very faint oak scent. Interesting hops aroma as well. 4/5

Taste: The flavor is led by a subtle fruit taste that quickly gives way to a strong espresso and a bitter, roasted malt flavor. Slightly hoppy, which is a bit unexpected but welcome. Roasted coffee flavors become more pronounced as the beer warms. The beer finishes with a flavor of dark, unsweetened chocolate with a lingering smoky/oaky coffee flavor. The finish reminds me of eating a dark chocolate candy at an upscale restaurant after a steak dinner that is followed by coffee for "dessert." Very balanced. 4.5/5

Mouthfeel: Rich, smooth and full bodied. The beer is slightly creamy and warming (no doubt from the 9.1% ABV), though not boozy in the least. The finish is sweet, and the flavor lingers. 4/5

Overall: a very drinkable Russian Imperial Stout. The flavor is not as enticing as the Blackout Stout, but the aroma is much more pleasant. Storm King's bitterness is a unique quality that works well to balance out the espresso flavor and complement the chocolate tones. This is a beer worthy of the Russian Imperial Stout style.

Recommendation: Highly recommend this one to all beer drinkers. This might be a great one for people trying to get into "good beer" to try.

Pairing: Chocolate cake.

Cost: $12.99 for a six pack.

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