Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beer Review: Oak Aged Bamberg Brew (cask version)

Reviewing the Oak Aged Bamberg Brew (cask version) from Titletown Brewing Company out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The beers pictured in the flight, from left to right, are Green 19 with Cascade hops, Oak Aged Bamberg Brew, regular Bamberg Brew, Bourbon Legend and Bridge Out Stout.
Score: 87

4 oz sample glass enjoyed as part of a flight on 12/13/12.

Appearance: Pours a dark, but clean copper color with a good deal of clarity.  Pours a couple of fingers of beige head that settles to a thick ring around the glass. Poor lacing, average retention. 3/5

Smell: Barley malt, grain, hint of corn meal. Faint, faint hops. Light oak and a lighter amount of smoke. 3/5

Taste: The nose really downplays the quality of the taste! The oak is much more prevalent and plays nicely with a subtle smoke complexity that adds a good liveliness to the tongue without overwhelming and destroying the palate. Barley malt, faint caramel behind that. Very malty backbone. Not very complex, but refreshing. Maybe I am just a sucker for smoked beers. 4/5

Mouthfeel: Nice, faintly prickly mouthfeel from the oaky smoke. Not much carbonation at all. Just shy of medium bodied. 4/5

Overall: I was underwhelmed by the base beer, but the oak aged cask version was much better. Still nothing amazing, but quite solid nonetheless. I'd order another.

Recommendation: Fans of the style should order this if/when in Green Bay.

Cost: $5 for 16 oz pint pour that comes in a 20 oz nonic pint glass (don't ask).

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