Thursday, April 12, 2012

Modified Beer Rating System

Hey everyone.

First off, let me give a hearty thank you to everyone for the support thus far. With over 70 twitter followers and almost 10,000 visitors in this site's five-plus months of existence, the support and following has been greater than anything I could have ever expected.

In reviewing 200+ beers over the past half year, I have come to the realization in trying to nuance beers that a scale of 1-5 with half steps is insufficient to properly review beer. I began with that system because that is what BeerAdvocate uses, but some beers that I give a 4.0 are really a 4.2 and others are a 3.9. But each gets a 4.0. The simple and rounded numbers are a nice shorthand, but I think that a little more nuance is really needed to fully communicate my thoughts on a beer and best explain my final score rating.

To this end, my new ratings scale is going to add quarter steps.

These changes will be implemented starting with my next review...the Double Sunshine IPA from Lawson's Finest Liquids. As always, leave any questions/comments/feedback in the comment section or feel contact me via email.


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