Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beer Review: Night Tripper

Reviewing the Night Tripper from New Holland Brewing Company. Thank you Adam Herstein for bringing this bottle back from the brewery after striking out at Founders on KBS release day. You rock. Also, happy birthday Adam!
Score: 92

2012 vintage bottle served in a Founders tulip and enjoyed on 03/10/12. Review is from notes.

Appearance: Pours a pitch black color with a super thin caramel highlight strip at the top of the beer when held up to light. Less than a finger of tan colored head at pour settles into a thin ring around the glass. Below average lacing, average retention. 4/5

Smell: Milk chocolate, vanilla, bourbon, raisin and fudge. Oak, molasses, plum and maple too. Roasted malts and a hint of earthy hops. 4/5

Taste: Very straight forward and delicious. Rich dark chocolate, fudge and creamy vanilla. Mellow bourbon and raisin throughout. There's a light booziness to the beer, but nothing detracting by any means. There's a growing molasses flavor on the midpalate. Some caramel too. Very balanced overall. 4.5/5

Mouthfeel: Medium-plus bodied, light carbonation. Oily mouthfeel. Dry and slightly sweet finish. 4/5

Overall: A little thinner than I expected for such a full flavored stout, but that's about the only negative thing I can say about this beer. This one is substantially better then I expected, and is tastier and more balanced than Dragon's Milk. I wish that this one saw distribution because I would certainly buy this beer again.

Recommendation: Seek this beer out if you have the chance.

Pairings: Vanilla cupcakes.

Cost: $7.99 for a 22 oz (bomber) bottle.