Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interview with TJ Henry about Tulane's National Moot MLB Arbitration Competition

Check out my latest podcast (intended for The Hardball Times, with publication pending) -- an interview with TJ Henry of Tulane Law School's Sports Law Society. Every year, the Tulane Sports Law Society puts on a moot MLB arbitration competition wherein law students argue simulated sports salary cases. The competition is a really unique opportunity that allows law students to hone key advocacy skills in a topic area of particular appeal while networking with industry professionals. This is a must-hear podcast for law who are interested in competing in future years and/or who just want a better sense of what the competition is. This podcast featues some great chatter about baseball arbitration generally and the competition itself. I hope you enjoy. This episode clocks in at just under 43 minutes.

Interview with TJ Henry about Tulane's Moot MLB Arbitration Competition by Jeffrey Eric Gross

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