Sunday, December 11, 2011

Beer Review: Racer 5 India Pale Ale

Reviewing the Racer 5 India Pale Ale from Bear Republic Brewing Company.
Score: 84

2011 vintage bottle pouted in a Duvel glass.

Appearance: Pours a translucent amber color with two and half fingers of white foamy head that slowly settles into a thin foggy layer a few minutes later. Average lacing. 3.5/5

Smell: Fresh citrus and pine. Some tangerine, light apple juice. Some earthy resign. Some floral hops and faint sour notes if you swirl. 3.5/5

Taste: Instantly gives me cotton mouth. That was unexpected, but interesting...Getting apples up front with some orange peel. Surprisingly grassy. Touch of sweet grapefruit. Some sugary-maltiness and bitter hops. Malty and slightly skunky-sweet on the mid-palate before turning dry and bitter in the finish. 3/5

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, moderate carbonation and a bit creamy for an IPA. Gave me cotton mouth, which was an unexpected twist that made the citrusy-hops bitterness linger well. Finishes very dry and bitter. 4/5

Overall: I do not see the hype behind this beer. Maybe it just was not fresh, as I got mine as part of a make your own mix-a-six at Riley's.

Recommendation: Worth a try, but does not stand out as a worthy sixer-buy. Not too hops-forward, so casual beer drinkers should enjoy. The mouthfeel is very unique.

Pairings: Caramel-toffee candies.

Cost: $2.29 for a single bottle, $4.99 for a 22 oz (bomber) bottle, or $9.99 for a six pack.

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